Catafago Fini LLP Wins Dismissal for Air China

Catafago Fini has scored another victory for Air China. In Peng Sheng Huang v. Air China Limited et al., Index No. 706696/2017 (New York Supreme Court, Queens County), the Plaintiff alleged that Air China “tortiously interfered” with an alleged shareholder agreement for a company that managed property of Air China. Partner Jacques Catafago moved for summary judgment on behalf of Air China. On December 31, 2019, the Court ruled in Air China’s favor, granting summary judgment and dismissing the claim against Air China in its entirety. As the Court held, there was no evidence that Air China even knew about the alleged agreement, and certainly no evidence that Air China in any way interfered with any agreement or acted improperly. This is Catafago Fini’s latest success in obtaining dismissing of actions brought against Air China. The December 31, 2019 Court decision is here.

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